Art Guidelines

Brand Graphics & Advertisements

We strive to continually produce the highest quality DPI print possible.

Size & Quality


For best print quality graphics on vinyl we recommend the following formats;

  • Adobe Illustrator Format
  • .eps
  • Vector Format
  • If the above two formats are not available, High Resolution Image Size is acceptable.

    The biggest obstacle for designing a vehicle graphic is that a 2-dimensional design will be applied unto a 3-dimesional object. Therefore, the challenges amass if the graphics, images or content provided are of low resolution quality.

    Concept & Design


    Our full intention of graphic design is to always provide the best advertisement solution possible. We know that it impressions can last a very long time, whether good or bad. Our aim is to create a visually pleasing ad for your company.

    Everything that goes into a commercial vehicle wrap matters; font, logo, text, color, graphics, print quality, vinyl quality, & installation.

    Note: California State Law prohibits applying any sort of vinyl graphics to the windshield and front windows.

    Proof & Installation


    Before we begin every project we pre-proof designs and graphics throughly to get the best work possible.

    We recommend not to accessorize the exterior of your vehicle to prevent troublesome installations.

    If aftermarket accessories have been added to the vehicle, we will ask you to seek professional aftermarket parts removal.